Digital Xrays

Carestream RVG 6100 System

Optimal Performance

xraysIn addition to its exceptional image resolution and substantially reduced radiation, the Carestream RVG 6100 System is also one of the fastest digital imaging sensor on the market—displaying images on our computer monitor in less than two seconds. Gone are the days of waiting for the xrays to be developed on a tiny piece of plastic.

This is a great patient education solution for Smiles On Seven Dental Centre, the sensor is designed to be fast and visible on any of our operatory TV’s for analysis and sharing with our patients.

With such superb abilities, it’s not surprising to learn that many renowned oral healthcare professionals consider the RVG 6100 System the best intraoral radiographic system on the market.

The Standards of Xray Information has changed

Heard the expression…”Don’t see the Forest for the Trees”?

Well having the right tools in Dentistry is important if you want to have access to more information. The digital panorex OP200D at Smiles On Seven Dental allows all our dentists and specialists to see what is going on around your teeth…not just your teeth. You have jaws, joints and sinuses. There could be cysts, tumours, infections, impacted teeth, extra teeth, broken roots, developmental abnormalites, joint degeneration and other things that are not visible on a single periapical film.

Ignorance is NOT bliss

The OP200D allows us to see the “big picture” of which your teeth are a part. If there is anything of concern, it is always better to find it early and before you become symptomatic. If we see a tooth related problem, we can then target that particular area with our digital periapical sensor so that we can make an analysis of that area with greater resolution.

Children and Paedo Settings

Panorex is great for children who gag or have problems placing sensors in their small mouths. We have reduced exposure settings for children and the benefit of determining the presence of cavities, infections, crowding, missing or extra permanent teeth far outweigh any minimal risk associated with this procedure.


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