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Pediatric Dentist & Children’s Dentistry

childrens dentistry

We treat children by explanation, comfort and building trust.  We are consistent with this and is the reason kids develop into adults that are comfortable with coming to the Dental Office.

There is something satisfying about being a dentist and treating family’s’ with young children and teens at the start of my career, to eventually watch these kids grow and mature into beautiful parents who now bring in their own young children. There is something that these children have valued and felt comfortable about through the decades that has allowed me to be their dentist and subsequently entrusted me to treat their own children.  I am humbled and honoured.  

There are even a handful of my young patients that have grown up and have chosen Dentistry as a career.  I am so honoured that I was able to demonstrate my passion for dentistry and inspire them into making it a life-long career for themselves!


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