X-rays provide a full view of a person’s mouth

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X-rays provide a full view of a person’s mouth

Thursday, December 10th, 2015

Many people are still surprised when their dentist wants to take X-rays of their mouth. For a lot of people, X-rays are taken only when a bone is broken or doctors’ fear there is something wrong internally. Why a dentist would want to see X-rays of their patients’ mouths remains a mystery to many people. However, X-rays are used because they allow dentists to see what is going on in a person’s mouth underneath the surface. They enable the dentist to get a better look at the gums as well as the roots of the teeth, and the molars. In this way, dentists are able to get a full, 360 degree view of their patients’ mouths and a clearer understanding of the problems that may be afflicting them.

Smiles On Seven Dental Centre in Markham, Ontario uses digital X-rays with all of its patients. Digital X-rays provide fast, clear and accurate images of a person’s mouth and show the dentists and hygienists on staff any issues that may be developing in a mouth and not visible to the naked eye. This allows the dentists at Smiles On Seven to give their patients the best care possible and develop an appropriate course of treatment should any problems be encountered. Digital X-rays are painless and quick. The cost for digital X-rays is also covered by most insurance plans. People should have their teeth X-rayed at least once a year – perhaps more depending on the state of a person’s teeth. Digital X-rays are just one of many services provided by the experts at Smiles On Seven Dental Centre.

Understanding why dentists conduct different procedures, including X-rays, is important. People need to know why their dentist is taking steps to protect and improve their teeth and oral health. To learn more about how Smiles On Seven Dental Centre can treat your oral needs and those of your family, please visit the centre in-person at their Markham location, or check them out online at: https://www.smilesonseven.com/

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